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Parent/Teacher Organization of Nickerson Elementary School

Meeting Dates: 2nd Monday of each month except December and January

Meetings held in School Library at 6:30 p.m.

Purpose... The NICKS (Nickerson Interested Citizens for Kids) was organized to meet the needs of students, teachers and staff, linking them together through communication and better understanding.

Projects & Services...

  • Student Directory
  • Provide Room Parents and Supplies as Needed for Class Parties
  • School Carnival  
  •  Fundraiser

Membership & Responsibilities... Membership in NICKS is open to all interested parents and citizens of Nickerson Grade School children. We urge you to make it your goal to attend as many activities throughout the year as possible. Feel free to talk to any of the Executive Board concerning any questions or concerns you may have.

Executive Board (2017-2018)
Jesica Rice
Vice President Kasey Rush

Heather Nelson
Jessica Black
Room Parent Coordinator                                         
Lori Engelland       

Executive Board Responsibilities


  • Shall plan and preside at regular meetings
  • Shall see that all projects and objectives are implemented
  • Shall help remind the members of various deadlines and responsibilities.


  • Shall preside at all meetings in the President's absence
  • Shall be the authorized Treasurer in case of Treasurer's absence
  • Shall be the chairman of the Ways and Means projects, and thus be responsible for any fundraising activities


  • Shall keep minutes of all meetings and assist as needed


  • Shall keep all financial records as set up by the group
  • Shall present books for an audit at the end of each year
  • Shall submit report to Vice-President for presentation in case of their absence.

Room Parent Coordinator:

  • Shall see that each class has the needed room parents
  • Shall contact all head room parents to remind them of responsibilities for class parties.
  • Shall report to executive board any special needs of room parents

Room Parents:

  • Shall plan and give two parties a year for their class; Halloween and Valentine's Day
  • Shall recruit additional parents to help with parties if needed.


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  • Senior Citizen Passes

    Senior Citizen Activities Passes are available to senior citizens of our district. This pass will allow them to get into league games free of charge. If you or some one you know qualifies, please contact our district office at 663-7141 to request one.