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Online Payment Options for LunchBox

New, Easier Online Payment for LunchBox

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All Elementary Student Grades K-6 Lunch Pricing

Reduced lunch ticket - $0.40

Regular lunch ticket - $2.75

All Students 7-12 Lunch Pricing

Reduced lunch ticket - $0.40

Regular lunch ticket - $2.85

All Student Breakfast Meals for K-12

Reduced Breakfast - $0.30

Regular Breakfast - $1.40

Adult Meals

Breakfast - $2.05

Lunch - $3.45

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded to a new and easier online payment service.  You can get to the new "mySchoolBucks" online pay center by clicking on either of the two pictures above and below.  Once you are on the mySchoolBucks website, click on the "I am new to mySchoolBucks" button and follow the easy steps to register and associate your child or children to your account.  Once registered, upon visiting the site again, click on the "I've used mySchoolBucks before" Login Button and use the login credentials that you registered with.

With this new system, even if you have utilized our online payment services in the past, you will have to register with the new system.  All previous accounts are no longer available and new accounts have to be created.

There are no longer any convenience or additional fees that will be added to your bill for utilizing the LunchBox Online Payment option.

Short letter explaining mySchoolBucks service can be downloaded or viewed by
" Clicking Here "