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7th Grade Math Class

There is one major requirement for the 7th grade math class.


Mistakes are a wonderful tool. They foster learning. Feel free to make as many mistakes as it takes to get you where you need to be at that moment in time. BUT learn from each and every mistake!

Right before winter break:

The week before Christmas and all through the math class,
Every student was "stirring" and filling their noggin' full of formulas en mass;
From A=L*W and P=2(L+W) for rectangles up to parallelograms;
All the way to 6*(s squared)=SA (surface area) of a cube, not a ham.
The cubes would be hung from the ceiling with care,
In hopes that Mrs. Barr soon would grade so fair.

Yes - I am attempting The Night Before Christmas in a math format.
Your student was exposed to the following formulas:
(Please feel free to ask them to explain/show any or all.)

***Please note Mrs. McCurdy and I have some formulas written in different ways. Both are correct and can be applied to solve problems. Your student can use a variety of methods, but they should be able to explain their thought process and should still arrive at the right answer. The more that they are exposed to, the broader their horizons will be.***

Perimeter: P=L+L+W+W
P=2L + 2W and P=2(L+W)
Area: A=L*W
Perimeter: Add all 4 outside lengths
Area: A=bh
erimeter: Add all 3 outside lengths
Area: A=(1/2)bh
Perimeter: P=s+s+s+s
Area: A=s*s
A= s squared
of a cube)
SA=6*(s squared)
(of a rectangular prism)
Circumference: C=pi*d
Area: A=pi*(r squared)