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About Me

I am a true Science Geek! I see the world through the eyes of wonder.
Teaching has been my passion now for 25 years. (Yes, I'm that old)

My planning period is 3rd hour 9:36-10:21. This would be the best time to contact me.

Did you know?

When you think you can't hang on any longer, dig deep. You might be surprised what your capable of.

** Can you think of a better caption for this funny picture?  Let me know and I will post it on my webpage.

What's Happening in Science

We did it!  The 8th graders have now completed their basic atomic structure unit.  We are now moving onto the Periodic Table and Element Families.  

Please remember that I have after school tutoring on Wednesday.  If your student has a low Science grade or wants some extra help, please encourage them to stay. 

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