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McCabe's Websites

I have moved!

Well, I have moved away from this website to one a little easier to manage.

Classroom Blog
Feel free to drop by our classroom blog, McCabe's Math Moments, to check out what's going on in the math room.
You can also get daily math and algebra assignments. 
Just click on the appropriate tabs.

Online Math Textbook
For the 8th grade math class, we use an online textbook.
Assignments, class activities, helpful websites, and rubrics can all be found right here.

Online Algebra Resources
For Algebra help at home, simply go to this resource.
I have matched video lessons with the lessons we are learning in class
To help students with homework frustrations away from the classroom.

As always, know that you can always email me with any questions you have.  
Have a HaPpY DaY!