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Welcome to USD309's iPad Apps Section

This is a new section for our district for all to see.  This will have good, proven in the classroom iPads Apps.

309 Suggested iPad Apps Homepage

This is the area where you will be able to look for good apps for you iPad that the Teacher and Facutly are using in the Nickerson-South Hutchinson School District.

Apps for English Language Learners (ELL)

 Tools 4 Students
The Tools 4 Students app has 25 different graphic organizers from KWL to Cause & Effect.  These graphic organizers can be used with ELL students and regular education students.  The students can fill in the graphic organizers and email them to the teacher. The students can also take a screen shot of the graphic organizer and print them from their photos.  The app costs $1.99. 

Oxford-Spanish/English Dictionary
 Oxford Spanish/English Dictionary
This Spanish/English dictionary app will help ESL students find unfamiliar  English words in Spanish.  This is a great tool to use with ESL students.  The app is a little pricey at $24.99 per app 

Apps for PreK-2 Skills

Preschool Skills - EduKitty provides practice for skills preschoolers need to know.  An adorable animated 3D cat guides children their learning process. Students can practice colors, directions, letters, numbers, and more. Three different skill levels, fun sound effects, and an innovative reward system make this app fun for kids. The app costs $1.99.

Quizzing displays colorful quizzes and flashcards with directions read aloud in English, Spanish, or French. Over 1,000 objects in 30 categories such as shapes, colors, numbers, letters, food, transportation, seasons, instruments, and more.  Great way to review skills with preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Great app for only $1.99.

Teach Me
There are a series of Teach Me apps for toddlers/preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. Focus and activities vary by age appropriateness, but all have fun features including a reward system, and a screen for parents to view and monitor progress. The best thing about these apps are that they use a digital writing recognition engine.  The kids can actually write their answers using their fingers and the app is able to recognize their answer! This app costs only $1.99.

Apps for Math Grades 1-2

Time, Money and Fractions On- Track is a great way for 1-2 grade students to practice with these tricky concepts.  It reinforces coin values, minute and hour hands on the clock and introduces fractions. $4.99 VPP

Math 1-2 works on skip counting, addition, subtraction, regrouping, fractions, and place values in a game format which takes place in another galaxy.  It is very fun while still learning those important math skills.

Apps for Math 3-6

 What a great app for 1st- 3rd grade math!  This app covers over 200 math concepts: Measurement, weight, clocks, fractions, graphs and much, much more!  You can download a free version or buy the real thing for $9.99.

 G3 Math is a great way to practice and review math skills for the 3rd grade.  From the series that also offers PK, KG, G1 and G2 math it introduces timelines, angles, place value, parentheses and a whole lot more! $0.49 VPP

With ClueFinders 3rd grade children solve individual problems involving math, reading, science, geography, and language arts.  It builds on abstract thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning.  It reviews concepts in 3rd grade.  A little pricey at $14.99 each, however with the good graphics it will definitely keep the students engaged while reviewing key concepts!

In this app "Multiplication and Division Flash Action" students can practice their multiplication and division facts with a friend as they race to see who can finish first.  It also includes fact families. $2.49 VPP

Apps for Middle School Math

ClueFinders Math Adventures reminds me of the same graphics used in the Oregon Trail game.  It is a lot of fun while covering key math skills.  The suggested ages for this game is 9-12 and while it is pricey at 14.99, I think it is worth it if it will be used every year.

Apps for High School Math

Children's Books

The Monster At the End of This Book. . . Starring Grover!
Join lovable, furry Grover in this classic children's book. This book has touch point animation and interactive play. The text is also highlighted as the story is read by Grover.  Kids love this and want to read it again and again! $3.99

Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Relive the age-old classic tale. Pull-tabs, spin-wheels, and spring mounted elements bring Beatrix Potter's original illustrations to life.  A classical piano soundtrack accompanies the storyteller along with sounds of birds, bonfires, and wind rustling through the fields. $4.99

Discover this classic alphabet book again on the ipad! There are six different ways to explore and play ranging from Graeme Base reading the alliterations to finding 150 different objects hidden throughout the story. $2.99

Apps for Beginning Readers (Grades K-2)

This is a great website to work on phonics and word recognition.  You can hear the letters and words as you type them in and you can read the words in print or cursive.  With three different levels, it will help your child practice phonics in a fun way. $1.99 VPP

Sight Words Flash Cards
Sight Words Flash Cards is a FREE app that is a list of sightwords for kids in preschool, kindergarten, First, and Second grade with questions.  This app helps students recognize common words by sight and sound. A flag button is included on each flashcard so that kids can add difficult words to a practice list.

Sight Words 2
Another great FREE app to help students learn sight words!  This app includes a variety of fun games.  Students unscramble sight words, play memory with their sight words, and even play Bingo with their sight words.

ABC Phonics Word Family
This app is more appropriate for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade.  The app includes ten different phonics word family groups. The game helps children recognize common word patterns and understand how the initial consonant, middle vowels, and ending consonant affect pronunciation. This app costs $2.99.

ABC Tracer - Letters, Numbers, Words, Phonics
This is a wonderful app for students learning how to form their letters and numbers correctly.  The app shows how to write the letters in the correct way and provides fun feedback of right and wrong strokes.  Other activities are included such as finding pictures that start with a given letter and popping balloons in alphabetical order. This app is $2.99.

Apps for Reading/Language Arts (Grades 3-6)

Apps for Reading/Language Middle School

Kidspiration would definitely be an investment at $69.99 each.  However it seems to include a lot of material.  It has ready-made reading, writing, and math activities, diagramming, mapping and grouping tools, word guides, over 3,000 symbols and lots more!  If a teacher uses mainly technology in their classroom I would strongly  suggest this app.

Apps for Reading/Language High School

Apps for Social Studies - Grades 3-6

Stack the States  Stack the States
  Voted Best Kids App for iPad - 2010 Best Apps Ever! Awards
   Feels like a game!  Kids will love it! (I will describe in more detail later)

Apps for Social Studies - Grades 7-8

Stack the Countries

Stack the Countries                                               
Stack the Counties is a fun game to use in a middle school geography class. 
Students answer a world geography trivia question and if the answer is correct, they get to stack the country.  The goal is to stack the countries up to the finish     line. The app costs $1.99.  

CIA World Factbook
 World Factbook
 The World Factbook App is a very good app to use in geography class.  The app has maps, flags, and a multitude of facts on each of the world's countries.  Students can use this app to complete reports or projects on countries.  This is a good resource for teachers and students.  The app costs $1.99.

National Geographic Atlas
 National Geographic World Atlas HD
  The National Geographic World Atlas in HD is a great tool for middle school geography.  Middle school students can use this app to find countries, capitals, landforms and bodies of water.  The app costs $1.99.  

Aliens vs. Presidents
  Presidents vs. Aliens 
 Presidents vs. Aliens is a great app for learning about the Presidents of the Untied States.  The students answer a question about one of the Presidents and if correct they get to fling his head at the alien symbols.  The goal  is to knock down all of    the alien heads or fly saucers.  This is a great learning game app. The app        costs $0.99.

U.S. Constitution
Constitution for I-Pad
The Constitution for I-Pad is a great reference app to have while studying the constitution and to refer back to in a social studies classroom.  A bonus with app is that it is free. 

National Archives App
National Archives App
The National Archives App is a cool app to  begin your social studies class with each day.  The app features a new picture or document from American History each day of the year.  The app has links to the archives and you can view documents/pictures you might have missed.  The app is free. 

Stock Wars
Stock Wars App
The Stock Wars is an app  to use in the social studies classroom to help teach about investing and the stock market.  The students use their email accounts to set up a virtual stock portfolio.  The students are given $100,000 of virtual money to invest in the stock market.  This app is free. 

Apps for Elementary Science

Apps for Middle School Science