Adjusted COVID Mitigation Criteria

Effective Tuesday, September 7, 2021 -  

USD 309 Nickerson/South Hutchinson Schools will begin utilizing the included revised Gating Criteria in an attempt to minimize the impact quarantines are having on our students and staff. The criteria are fairly straightforward. The following components need to be emphasized: 

  • This is a "site plan." Implementation will be determined by individual buildings not as an entire District unless factors warrant it.

  • The decision to unmask for each building will be made for the following week each Friday morning. However, we could go into masks at any point should numbers dictate it.

  • The prime-mover in masking is to reduce the quarantine rate due to the reduction of the infectious halo from 6' to 3' when masks are present. 

  • Should the Test-to-Learn Protocol be implemented, this will be revisited. 

As of Tuesday, September 7, 2021, due to a large number of quarantines, Reno Valley Middle School will go to mandatory masks during the school day. Their quarantine numbers will be monitored and once they fall below the threshold established, they will again return to “masks recommended but not required.”  

Our response to this will be ongoing and ever-changing as we attempt to stay current with trends and resources. We appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate through these constant pivots and changes.